voices of strength

Here’s one more way that survivors are finding to speak out about sexual assault and healing. Voices of Strength is an audio project by Haullie Free.

At her site, I was only able to access the audio trailer of the project, so I can’t comment on the individual stories she has collected. Listening to the trailer, hearing the voices of other survivors–of men and women and people with a wide range of accents and experiences–was very moving. The site has many goodies and, though Haullie is selling a variety of products, she is donating partial proceeds to RAINN.

online hotline

RAINN, btw, has started an online hotline. They already provide 24 hour phone referral for anyone dealing with rape and sexual assault issues. That number is 1-800-656-HOPE.

The online hotline can connect you “instant message” style with a live counselor. They say it is secure and completely confidential. Right now the online hotline is only active from 4-6 p.m. Eastern time (so if you are in the Western U. S. think 1-3 p.m). This is a pilot program for what they hope will become a 24 hour crisis counseling and referral service for people who prefer online communication.

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