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I just received in the mail a hard copy of The Prevention Researcher, “a multidisciplinary journal focusing on successful adolescent development and at-risk youth.”

There–on pages 11 and 12–is the most comprehensive and thoughtful review of Strong at the Heart ever. The reviewer, Dr. Jacqueline Golding, is writing here for a professional audience. She really understands the power of survivors defining their experience.

You can read the full review on line. Here’s a snippet from the end:

“In addition to being a wonderful resource for adolescent and adult survivors of sexual abuse, Strong at the Heart can be of great use to people who have not been sexually abused, but are close to someone who has been. … A survivor’s partner, friend, or parent can use Strong at the Heart to better understand and support the healing process of the person close to them.”

The current issue of The Prevention Researcher can be read on line. Their website has an extensive archive of articles on healing and the prevention of trauma–some of which require a fee to download.


BTW, the reviewer is herself an author. Healing Stories: Picture Books for the Big and Small Changes in a Child’s Life is an annotated bibliography of over 500 picture books. The author is a clinical psychologist and a mother who has a clear sense of what resources will be helpful for parents, counselors and teachers who work with the very young.

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