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Strong at the Heart-cover

From the Forward by Laura Davis

I have had the honor of working with survivors of sexual abuse for the past twenty years. But I also know firsthand the challenges that survivors face. When I was a girl, my grandfather came into my room one night to tell me a story, reached under the covers, and started to touch me. From that moment on, my life was never the same.

I wish I’d had a book like Strong at the Heart to show me that I was not alone, that some day I would figure out how to heal the hurt, learn to trust, and go on to create the rich and satisfying life that I have today. If I’d had a resource like the one you now hold in your hands, I wouldn’t have had to suffer in silence so long.

This powerful book is filled with the distinct, diverse voices of people who experienced rape, molestation, and incest when they were young. With remarkable honesty they tell how they stopped being victimized and reclaimed their lives. They describe the choices they made, the people they turned to, and the inner strength they discovered. . .

— Laura Davis, author of The Courage to Heal

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