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Here’s a nifty project that needs the attention of people who want to stop child child sexual abuse, raise awareness of the issue, and support survivors in their healing

Dr. Michael Irving has been working on a monument for survivors. His metal sculpture, built on the artwork of survivors, needs to receive votes at the Aviva Community Fund.

Here’s what he has to say: “We hope to highlight and honor the issues survivors of child abuse face: the confrontation with the angst and legacy of child abuse; the struggle to find answers and understanding; the difficult journey of healing; the value and power of connecting with others; the movement into healing and recovery; the freedoms and victories that are the rewards of perseverance.”

To vote, you must register at the site, which requires navigating a few pages. I returned to the voting site for the survivor monument by searching “monument” after registering. You can opt out of receiving any emails. You can vote up to ten times in any round (this project is now in the semi-finals) as long as you vote on different days.

It looks good to me. And can you imagine, a solid, artistic memorial to all that survivors have gone through!

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