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Do you know anyone who was abused at summer camp? I do. Experiencing sexual assault as a child is bad enough. Imagine being away from home for the first time, surrounded by strangers, and then being abused. What a nightmare!

Camp Safety Project has a new web site with information for camp administrators about how to reduce abuse by counselors and other staff, resources on healing, a page for parents, and best of all a page of sample policies that any organization that deals with children would be wise to put into effect today.

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And out of Phoenix, Arizona, there’s a new survivor site called The Apple Orchard. Four survivors who met in a support group are starting a new non-profit to support others in their healing and raise awareness in their community.

Their motto is “standing stronger together.” If you check out their site, give them a howdy and let them know what you think.

Another organization founded by a survivor and reaching out to help others heal is The Emma Center in Arcata, California. Paige Alisen, who founded the organization, is a whizz at fund raising and grant writing. Her organization provides professionally lead support groups, a lending library, individual support, counseling assistance and other services.  Paige’s dream is to start a retreat center for women where they can heal from trauma.

It is amazing the energy that is released when survivors heal, look around at our hurting world, and ask “So what can I do about it.”

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