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At long, long last Strong at the Heart is coming out in paperback.

Before the actual launch in February, I’m updating this website to a responsive site thanks to the skill and the patience of Tiff Renée at DesignMotif. She’s making it possible for you to read this site on cell phone or tablet.

Here’sStrong at the Heart-cover a sketch of the new cover designed by Heidi Fieder.

My job is content. One of the things I am most excited about is that, while updating all the resources and adding some exciting new ones, I’ve also been able to add international resources. The book has had a North American point of view. Except, of course for the Japanese edition which has two new chapters for Japanese readers. But I’ve heard from readers in Europe, and just returned from a trip there myself, so I’m happy to be able to include crisis resources for people anywhere in the world.

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