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Marisca Hargitay, the actress who plays Detective Olivia Benson on NBC's Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, has a sexual abuse/assault survivors support foundation The Joyful Heart. The youth friendly website is rich with information. If you look under "teens" there are several self-help, other-help, and stay-safe pages. And they have a program for survivors to go to Hawaii and swim with dolphins! ...Tony Sandel's Wikipedia article has been hijacked...


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Several pages just got updated on this site. Reviews has new online honors, interviews, and reviews posted. There are three new recommended books up, including a forthcoming novel by Chris Lynch. And the link partners page has some great sites added. Oh, and I expanded the bio page because people were lifting the first part to paste into articles, fliers and programs, but it had nothing about Strong at the Heart or this website in it. Here's something totally new...

three honors

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Strong at the Heart received three honors this spring. Now they are all up with links. Every year the Children's Book Committee at Bank Street College selects a short list of recommended books for teens. Strong is one of the books honored this year. The committee was founded over ninety years ago to help parents, librarians and teachers select good books for young readers. Strong at the Heart was also chosen for the New York Public Library's Books for the Teen Age...

connect for kids

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The live chat at Connect for Kids came off without a hitch. What a rush! People's questions popped up on my computer screen, I keyed in answers as quickly as possible and sent them off. The readership was great. Folks from all over the U. S. logged on and asked great questions. I got to most of them before the hour was up. You can read the transcript for yourself. . .

blogs and chat

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My blog stats page brings me several gems each week. Helen Munt's Silent No More has a lovely tribute to Strong at the Heart. Thanks, Helen. Her's is a fresh voice from a survivor and student perspective. Her blog is just getting off the ground and has some good links. Another new-to-me survivor blog is Survivors Can Thrive, where the current discussion is on taking action against sexual abuse. Ideas are bubbling there. Go have a look. Live chat for Strong at the Heart is coming up on Wednesday, April 5th . . .

interviews up

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Thank you, patient readers! I just posted pages on Jonathan (the teen from SNAP) and Jenner. You can get to them through the "interviews" page on this website. Jenner sent me a picture of herself surfing with her sweetie. I've also included her email response to reading Strong at the Heart with her story in it for the first time. Jonathan's page tells how he helped the district attorney prosecute his offender. The Kids Center in Bend, Oregon, has asked me to come

5 stars

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Hip Librarian has a five star review of Strong at the Heart up on their website. Nice! Readers from SNAP keep coming (see below for post on Jonathan, a SNAP member featured in Strong at the Heart). I also heard from Catherine Atkins, author of When Jeff Comes Home, which was inspired by the Steve Stayner case here in California. Her book is currently being challenged in Texas. . .

it’s a web world

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Welcome to European readers! Yesterday I checked out the statistics page for this website and discovered an amazing amount of traffic from two weblogs in Europe. One of them, from Belgium, is called Mothers Against Incest. From the stats page, I also learned that--of all the pages on the Strong At the Heart website--the blog you are reading is the most popular spot, followed by "books and films" and then "interviews." So right here, I have to apologize...