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Do you know anyone who was abused at summer camp? I do. Experiencing sexual assault as a child is bad enough. Imagine being away from home for the first time, surrounded by strangers, and then being abused. What a nightmare! Camp Safety Project has a new web site with information for camp administrators about how [...]

survivors and heroes

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Wednesday morning I grabbed a cup of tea, put a pile of books I hoped to talk about on my work table, and dialed in to Kathleen Brooks' studio phone line. A few minutes later we were launched into an hour long, intimate discussion about healing from abuse, role models, stereotypes of survivors, and the [...]

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Here's something well worth checking out. Dr. Kathleen Brooks' Breaking the Conspiracy of Silence broadcast on her Ethical Life website is a weekly Internet show dedicated to "providing a safe forum to get informed, share and participate in preventing, recognizing and reacting safely to child sexual abuse." A psychologist and survivor herself, Dr. Brooks interviews [...]

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You might be a first time visitor to this site, or an old friend coming back to see what's happening with Strong at the Heart, or someone who needs information now. It's been a year and a month and a week since this website went up and I started this book blog. Blogging—as many have [...]

Cybils and Westhaven

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Bloggers who are fans of children's YA literature have started a new award, the Cybil. Check it out and nominate your favorite book from the past year. I am homored to serve on the Middle Grade/YA Non-fiction award committee. And, no, Strong at the Heart is not eligible. Closer to home, I'm speaking at the Westhaven Center for the Arts, in Westhaven, California, this Saturday from 3-4:30 p.m...