a reader writes

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Earlier this summer a reader in a small cattle town in a rural Western state wrote a letter on a typewriter and mailed it to my publisher, Farrar, Straus and Giroux in New York. The letter went on to my editor, Melanie Kroupa, in Boston. She faxed it to me in northwestern California. Here, with [...]

stellar review

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This just in: I just opened a copy of the March issue of Play Therapy, a magazine for mental health professionals who work with children and teens. There, on page 32, is a great review of Strong at the Heart in which a therapist describes using the book with her young teen clients. With the [...]

who you are

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You might be a first time visitor to this site, or an old friend coming back to see what's happening with Strong at the Heart, or someone who needs information now. It's been a year and a month and a week since this website went up and I started this book blog. Blogging—as many have [...]

letters vs email

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Twenty years ago I wrote Promise Not to Tell, a novel for children about a girl who tries to tell about being molested. For years I kept one particular letter from a young reader on the wall above my computer, a reminder to myself of the reader at the other end of the book writing process. Now I am hearing through this website. Web inquiries are a very ...

the therapist

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For a book that was published on a mainstream young adult list, Strong at the Heart is having a very interesting trajectory. A friend just sent me a copy of a long review that was published in the current issue of The Therapist, the bi-monthly journal of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. Since the book came out I've been hearing from...

what came of Black Oak

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Dear Readers--There's a quiet little discussion going on in the comment section of the Black Oak blog entry from earlier this week. The latest entry is intriguing, but easily buried, so I want to post it here as well. What happened is this. A mother and daughter came to the book event at Black Oak Books where I presented Jonathan and Sheena's stories. . .