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after long silence

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It's been way too long since I posted here. What has absorbed me is my involvement in digital storytelling. This began as an invitation a year ago from Amy Hill of Silence Speaks to participate in a digital storytelling workshop. Digital Storytelling gives ordinary people the skills to make short, personal QuickTime/DVD movies about their [...]

stellar review

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This just in: I just opened a copy of the March issue of Play Therapy, a magazine for mental health professionals who work with children and teens. There, on page 32, is a great review of Strong at the Heart in which a therapist describes using the book with her young teen clients. With the [...]


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If you want to see a sweet film featuring a strong survivor, insight into the ways incest affects families through the generations, a sense of humor, and vibrant faith in the ability to face the pain of the past and heal, then check out Volver, by Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodovar. Penelope Cruz plays Raimunda, a [...]

survivors and heroes

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Wednesday morning I grabbed a cup of tea, put a pile of books I hoped to talk about on my work table, and dialed in to Kathleen Brooks' studio phone line. A few minutes later we were launched into an hour long, intimate discussion about healing from abuse, role models, stereotypes of survivors, and the [...]

listen to this

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Here's something well worth checking out. Dr. Kathleen Brooks' Breaking the Conspiracy of Silence broadcast on her Ethical Life website is a weekly Internet show dedicated to "providing a safe forum to get informed, share and participate in preventing, recognizing and reacting safely to child sexual abuse." A psychologist and survivor herself, Dr. Brooks interviews [...]


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I just finished reading Sold, a free verse novel by Patricia McCormick, published by Hyperion for young adults. It's the first book of fiction--or nonfiction--that I've seen for teens that deals with child sex trafficking. The author has done a fantastic job. She really gets the accomodation that sexually exploited kids must go through and the role of hope in keeping a sense of self alive, even when that hope is misplaced...

survivors and sterotypes

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Where do you get your image of who and what survivors of sexual abuse can be? Do the survivors portrayed in books and movies accurately reflect real people's experiences--or are they projections of the creators' own fears and beliefs? This summer I sat down with recent young adult novels that have major characters who are survivors of incest, sexual abuse, and rape. It was eye opening to look at these books side-by-side and consider just what they tell young readers about surviving abuse. "Hero, Victim or Monster? an author looks at depictions of sexual abuse survivors in YA fiction" was just published in School Library Journal....

letters vs email

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Twenty years ago I wrote Promise Not to Tell, a novel for children about a girl who tries to tell about being molested. For years I kept one particular letter from a young reader on the wall above my computer, a reminder to myself of the reader at the other end of the book writing process. Now I am hearing through this website. Web inquiries are a very ...

the therapist

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For a book that was published on a mainstream young adult list, Strong at the Heart is having a very interesting trajectory. A friend just sent me a copy of a long review that was published in the current issue of The Therapist, the bi-monthly journal of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. Since the book came out I've been hearing from...