Japanese edition

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Just now I opened a puffy envelope from McMillan, the company that now owns my publisher, Farrar, Straus and Giroux. Inside, amazing, four copies of Strong at the Heart in Japanese! This edition has two new interviews, one at the beginning and one at the end of the book. Each is with a young Japanese [...]

tender morsels

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If you like to read fantasy, fairy tales and books that honestly address issues that child sexual abuse survivors face, you should not miss Tender Morsels by Australian author Margo Lanagan. Loosely based on the Grimm Brothers fairytale Snow White and Rose Red (which is NOT the Snow White of Disney fame), this young adult [...]

best interests

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I just stumbled on an excellent website with great resources for child advocates or for anyone concerned with child abuse/recovery/offender issues. Best Interests calls itself "a website for children's advocates" and it certainly is a great place for people like CASA volunteers, therapists and social workers. Survivors, too, find news and useful information. The books [...]

a reader writes

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Earlier this summer a reader in a small cattle town in a rural Western state wrote a letter on a typewriter and mailed it to my publisher, Farrar, Straus and Giroux in New York. The letter went on to my editor, Melanie Kroupa, in Boston. She faxed it to me in northwestern California. Here, with [...]

finding safe

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Here's a young adult book to look for. SAFE, by Susan Shaw, won't be out until October, but I'm reading it now in publisher's galleys for a book review. There is no mystery about what happened. Walking home on the last day of 7th grade, Tracy is abducted by an older teen, raped, and left [...]

no easy answer

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Have you seen the new young adult novel, Touching Snow, by M. Sindy Felin? It's just been published by Atheneum. The story is bluntly told through the eyes of a teenaged Haitian American girl, Karina, who chronicles her family’s suffering under her despotic stepfather. What I found particularly interesting was the examination of how culture [...]