awesome party

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It was a fabulous party. So many people came, friends, strangers and readers of the book. What a great send off!The Northcoast Rape Crisis Team was there (we put this on as a benefit for them). They use Strong at the Heart for crisis worker trainings and to give to clients.One young crisis worker talked [...]

book launch!

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Tomorrow is the official launch of the new, updated, paperback edition of Strong at the Heart. The party will be at one of my favorite places--the bookstore four blocks from my house. If you are local, do come!  Northtown Books, 957 H Street, Arcata, CA. The party starts at 7 pm. This morning I was [...]

coming so soon

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At long, long last Strong at the Heart is coming out in paperback. Before the actual launch in February, I'm updating this website to a responsive site thanks to the skill and the patience of Tiff Renée at DesignMotif. She's making it possible for you to read this site on cell phone or tablet. Here's [...]

photos are up

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(Go to the bottom of this full entry to see the photos of the party.) Well, that was a celebration and a half! I arrived early at the bookstore, carrying the punch, our camera, and a handful of pens while Peter helped our friends who were catering bring in tray after tray of covered food. I was having that before-a-party feeling where you wonder if anyone is going to show up.

radio waves

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I'm just coming off the marvelous rush of speaking on the radio about STRONG AT THE HEART. Live radio interviews are the polar opposite of a writer's usual experience. Radio is more like white water canoeing or maybe surfing. On radio there is no opportunity to ponder, edit, rethink and polish. You are totally in the moment, focused on the interviewer and the questions that come at you--some of them totally unexpected...