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If you want to hear the voices of real survivors of childhood sexual abuse talking frankly about healing check this out. Cliff Berkowitz, founder of KHUM in Northern California, DJ’s an eclectic morning show. For three weeks each November, he uses his show to raise awareness of interpersonal violence and healing. His Stop the Violence campaign is an amazing festival of survivors, tough reality, and hope.

AND it’s all archived so you can access the interviews. Arturo and Akaya from Strong at the Heart were interviewed for a half hour each on November 16th and 17th, 2010. Arturo has some tough and very real things to say about being a survivor of male rape. Akaya’s interview speaks eloquently about how children dissociate–“forget”–abuse, only to have the memories come back in adulthood.

Cliff also interviewed me on November 9th.

The three week campaign also covers healing from domestic violence, genocide and war trauma. A fascinating interview you’ll find on that page is an interview with Courtney Weaver, a blues singer who was shot in the face by her domestic partner a year ago. She is recovering and is back on stage. Indomitable woman.

Today’s segment is a two hour panel with some amazing folks. Sam Oliner is a Holocaust survivor who has dedicated his life to studying altruism; he escaped the ghetto and was aided by a Christian Polish couple when he was twelve. Marlon Sherman (Lakota) talks about violence in, and against, the Native American community. Courtney Weaver sings four songs, two near the beginning about violence, and two at the end about healing, one of them written just for this campaign.

It’s worth a listen.

(re-posted from 11.19.10)