best interests

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I just stumbled on an excellent website with great resources for child advocates or for anyone concerned with child abuse/recovery/offender issues. Best Interests calls itself "a website for children's advocates" and it certainly is a great place for people like CASA volunteers, therapists and social workers. Survivors, too, find news and useful information. The books [...]

sweet award

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This weekend I'll be headed for Davis, California, to receive the Friend of the Child Award from young child abuse advocates. The Courageous Kids' Network is a group of young adults who speak out about their experiences being placed with abusive parents by family courts. Now that they are out of abuseve homes, they are [...]


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Twenty three years ago I wrote my first children's book about childhood sexual abuse, PROMISE NOT TO TELL. After it came out I received occasional heartfelt and touching letters, typed or handwritten, and forwarded to me by my editor in New York. Occasionally a therapist in my own area would call or stop me on [...]

This just in . . .

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I just received in the mail a hard copy of The Prevention Researcher, "a multidisciplinary journal focusing on successful adolescent development and at-risk youth." There--on pages 11 and 12--is the most comprehensive and thoughtful review of Strong at the Heart ever. The reviewer, Dr. Jacqueline Golding, is writing here for a professional audience. She really [...]

never too late

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No, it is never too late for a good review! The latest appeared in the November issue of PPT Express, a newsletter for teachers and others working with pregnant and parenting teens. The editor, Jeanne Lindsay, who is also the publisher of Morning Glory Press, had asked me for an article on Sexual Abuse and [...]

Two Timers

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For some reason, readers at this site tend to write emails directly to me, rather than post their thoughts here. For me that's great, but then others miss out on the conversation. Today I heard from a gentleman who attended a book event that Arturo and I did a few days ago in the Bay [...]

IVAT in San Diego

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When I left home for the International Conference on Violence, Abuse and Trauma in San Diego, I felt unsure about the whole enterprise. There'd been a mix up about ordering books. My workshop had been paired with a report on sexual abuse and the military. And the book signing was scheduled for two days before [...]

a reader writes

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Earlier this summer a reader in a small cattle town in a rural Western state wrote a letter on a typewriter and mailed it to my publisher, Farrar, Straus and Giroux in New York. The letter went on to my editor, Melanie Kroupa, in Boston. She faxed it to me in northwestern California. Here, with [...]

a family hero

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I'm still grinning from a lovely three day retreat that my sister and I took last week. She lives in another state, so we met in the Portland airport and drove together to Breitenbush Hot Springs. We hiked in the luscious hills, relaxed in the hot springs, got massages, did yoga, ate quantities of food [...]