awesome party

It was a fabulous party. So many people came, friends, strangers and readers of the book. What a great send off!
The Northcoast Rape Crisis Team was there (we put this on as a benefit for them). They use Strong at the Heart for crisis worker trainings and to give to clients.
One young crisis worker talked with me about her dreams of going into social work, inspired by the survivors she’d talked with over the phone. Some people asked me to sign multiple copies for family members. Others just came to say congratulations, and ended up staying for the company and the food. We kept the bookstore open way after hours! I really felt supported by my friends, by my community and by people who care about survivors.
The launch gave me the opportunity to talk about Post Traumatic Growth, which is so well represented in the stories in Strong at the Heart. People seemed really moved by this, the description of the strengths that people dealing with PTSD can can develop, the ways our lives are deepened, by the hard work of healing.

 photo by Claire Iris Schenke

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