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Hip Librarian has a five star review of Strong at the Heart up on their website. Nice!

Readers from SNAP keep coming (see below for post on Jonathan, a SNAP member featured in Strong at the Heart).

I also heard from Catherine Atkins, author of When Jeff Comes Home, which was inspired by the Steve Stayner case here in California. Her book is currently being challenged in Texas.

This excellent YA novel is told through the eyes of a boy who has been kidnapped and held for over two years by a pedophile. The action takes place after his return home as he struggles to integrate himself into a world that no longer fits him. It is both heartbreaking and very real. You can see how difficult it is for him to trust, to touch, and yet by the end he is finally able to break his silence and reconnect with his father.

So what’s the problem in Irving, Texas?

A parent asked that the book be removed from the shelves because he felt it was “too mature” for middle school students. The school superintendent has decided that kids can still check it out–but only with written parental permission. This decision will be debated at a public hearing on January 23rd.

Should books on abuse be on the open shelves of middle school libraries? Catherine Atkins said in an interview with the Dallas Morning News, “It’s healthy for students to have access to information. They can accept it or reject it – self-censorship in a way. You pick up a book, and if you’re ready for it, you’re ready for it. If you’re not, you set it down.”

You can read the full article on the Catherine Atkins’ blog and find out more about When Jeff Comes Home on my books page or her website.

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