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For those of you who’ve asked for more about the Vagina Warrior Awards, here is part of Sarah Page’s introductory remarks from Tuesday night:

“Welcome and thank you all for coming. Eve Ensler, author of The Vagina Monologues, writes, ‘Being a Vagina Warrior means developing the spiritual muscle to enter and survive the grief that violence brings and, in that dangerous space of stunned unknowing, inviting the deeper wisdom.’

“The three women we honor tonight, Cassie Burgess, Carolyn Lehman and Fox Olsen, embody what it means to be a Vagina Warrior. . . . The Vagina Warriors are integral members of our community, women working to end violence, striving to shed light upon a quiet darkness.

“The theme for our 2006 Vagina Warriors is ‘The New Revolution.’ The phrase, ‘New Revolution’ means that these women have a tireless and creative commitment to ending violence against all people. It means that they show their commitment to ending violence in our community in new and transformative ways.

“Another aspect our Vagina Warriors all have in common is their efforts to help young women and children. Every woman on this panel has helped give voices to young people, voices that might not have been heard had it not been for their efforts and dedication. Be it through novels and interviews and the written word, to being a homeless advocate and AIDS and HIV educator, to coordinating a sexual assault response team and being available for survivor support and welfare, these women are teaching and encouraging new generations of Vagina Warriors. They are watering seeds of change in our community and we are honored to have them here this evening to teach us more about their important and transformative work.”

What followed was an intimate and moving discussion of what it means to do social change activism in our community. Cassie was awesome talking about how she developed the SART team and what it is like to be with children, men, and women as they go through post assault forensic exams. She brought me and several others to tears. Fox is a tough and tender leader bringing families out of homelessness. You should have been there.

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Now that I know that the registration process was a show stopper (thanks to those who told me!) I’ve changed the blog set up so that you can add your comments and see them right away without registering.

The reason for the registration was to filter out spam and creeps, but I was pretty much only hearing from people off-blog, so let’s try this and see how it goes.

Let me know what you think.

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