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This weekend I’ll be headed for Davis, California, to receive the Friend of the Child Award from young child abuse advocates.

The Courageous Kids’ Network is a group of young adults who speak out about their experiences being placed with abusive parents by family courts. Now that they are out of abuseve homes, they are speaking out to help other kids. I’ve heard a lot about them but this will be my first chance to meet them in person.

The conference is the 14th Annual Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Conference put on by the California Protective Parents Association.

Jessica Hendry, who played Dejar in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine will speak at the conference about her memoir How Yo Cook Your Daughter, and what it was like when she confronted the famous father who abused her.

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Later this month, on April 24, I’ll be speaking at the Downstate Conference on Child Abuse in Southern Illinois.

I’ll present a plenary session on STRONG AT THE HEART and lead a workshop in Overcoming the Stigma of Abuse.

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