sun and insanity

Today is such a beautiful day on the Northcoast, our second day of sunshine and temperatures above 70 degrees–after weeks of endless fog. That’s right, while everyone else has been sweltering, we’ve been wearing sweaters here.

Right outside my window a man on a ladder is swinging a paintbrush. For the last six weeks I’ve been writing with hammering and belt sanding going on outside my window while our old Victorian gets repaired and prepped for painting. At least the paint is going on more quietly, but I still have interruptions a dozen times a day. Quarter round or cove molding on the trim? Rebuild or repair the cellar door? Then I’m back at the computer, trying to find the place where I left off writing.

Right now I am working on an article about the depiction of survivors of sexual abuse in young adult literature, so if you have books or ideas or responses you want to share, please let me know either by posting your comment here or emailing me.

two sites

Best Interests is a website for child advocates that has international news, articles, links, and recommended books. They’ve featured Strong at the Heart on their book pages. Thank you, Marcia.

There’s an interesting survivor site with blog and short video segments put up by Tim Fisher. Tim was raped by a priest as a child and now speaks out in support of SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) in the Midwest.

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