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JON-400When a book first comes out, there’s a rush of professional reviews. But my favorite kind, by ordinary readers, keep coming. Sometimes it’s an email or letter to me personally. Here’s one that appeared on Ciao!, via Bing, written by a young woman in England:

Who This Book Is For

This book is for anyone who has ever experienced child abuse, knows someone who has experienced it, or for anyone who wants to know what it feels like, and is curious. This book is especially for those who need inspiration to make it through their own experience, and just learn to heal. I think this book is a really great thing, and has helped a lot of people, so far.


Everyone Has A Story

This book is a perfect example of how everyone has a story. As people we all get so concerned about our own lives, that we forget to hear everyone else out around us.
This book speaks of not only the hardships in others lives, but also how they managed to gather strength and find a way to get their life going in a positive direction. There are a few peoples stories in this book, it starts with the abuse they went through, how it all happened, what was done about it, the support they got, and where they are at now with life.


Every race Every Face

I love how every race is represented in this book, and how it just shows that anyone can go through sexual abuse, and how anyone can be an abuser. This book shows abuse from every direction, from strangers, from a priest, from your own family. Its not just showing one type of abuse, its from minor abuse to serious abuse, and most importantly this book shows the damage and the healing process.


Get Help

I feel that this book also sends out a help message. For anyone that you know that needs help, there are resources, and also the powerful words of people who have been there before. People tend to shy away from sexual abuse since its such a hard topic, but i feel that everyone needs to read a book like this! We all need to know, and be prepared to help someone in need, and this book is a perfect way to become a little more knowledgeable for some who have never been talked to about sexual abuse before in their lives.


Central Message

You can make something good of yourself no matter what happens in your life. If you stay positive and always stay focused on your goals you can make it is what i truly took from this book. The message is so powerful and motivating….


Final Thought

This book is a must! You have to read it, you cant stop once you start! It will catch your attention, and it is truly so very inspirational. This book can motivate you to reach out to someone else, or save yourself. It focus’ more on the positive then on the negative, and that is what i like, because its not so dark and depressing, but more interesting and inspirational. Everyone needs to get their hands on this book!!

Thanks Alexis95! I’m glad you like Strong at the Heart and appreciate that you wrote about it so well. It’s always gratifying for a writer when a reader really understands a book.

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