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No, it is never too late for a good review!

The latest appeared in the November issue of PPT Express, a newsletter for teachers and others working with pregnant and parenting teens.

The editor, Jeanne Lindsay, who is also the publisher of Morning Glory Press, had asked me for an article on Sexual Abuse and Teen Pregnancy. Then she ran a review of my book as well!

Here is the review in its entirety:

“Nine survivors of childhood sexual abuse speak frankly about the abuse they experienced and the ways they found to heal. Research shows that a majority of teen mothers and a high percentage of teen fathers have been sexually abused. I highly recommend having copies of this book available for reading and discussing with teens. Those who have been abused can learn they are not alone, and that it is possible to heal. And this book can help those who have not experienced abuse become more caring and compassionate. Order from your local or on-line bookstore.

Nice–and concise!

a birthday of sorts
It’s been two years since Strong at the Heart was launched at Northtown Books in Arcata. What a ride those two years have been.

Speaking on the book has given me the opportunity to talk with so many different kids of people about various aspects of healing from sexual abuse, about literature for teens, about how we can make the world a safer place for kids. From the public library in Bend, Oregon, to Harvard University, from San Francisco’s Mission District to the IVAT conference in San Diego, it has been a long and fascinating trip. One I could not have foreseen two years ago. Thanks to all of you who have made these two years so rich!

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