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This brilliant patch of volunteer flowers grows beside my neighbor’s driveway. His wife, Joy, grew and canned fruits and vegetables and shared them with all of us who live nearby. About four years ago, she died unexpectedly. Her husband dug the vegetable garden under. And since then, each spring and summer, these volunteer flowers come, stronger and brighter each year.

They are a wonderful reminder of the resurgence of life and of the beauty that surrounds us–and can nurture us if we only pay attention. Having had a winter childhood, I am especially appreciative of spring, and of summer, too, that bring so much warmth and beauty and fun into our lives. Every time I open my front door, I see Joy’s unplanned garden and remember to be grateful for the gifts of life and healing and those I love.

BTW, I’m extending the 30% discount sale in appreciation of all of you who come to this site. Have a wonderful June!

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