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Well, this is cool. I have an email from FSG, my publisher, that Strong at the Heart was chosen as a Skipping Stone Honor Book. Every year this multicultural children’s magazine choses roughly ten books to honor and Strong at the Heart is one of them this year. The links aren’t up yet, and I don’t have more information, but when I do I’ll post it here.

Yesterday’s event in Cambridge went so well despite the PowerPoint projector not showing up. A diverse audience came and after the presentation/discussion most of the audience stayed on for an open and engaging conversation that continued for another two hours. Discussion ranged from how race and class play into survivor experience to the corrosive effects of the pressure to “forgive.” There was humor, insight, disclosure, and a warm respect in the room. And something else, too, a sense of the strength and cohesion. This was despite the wide range of our experiences and viewpoints or maybe because of that and because people took risks to ask tough questions and to answer with candor.

There’s something very powerful that happens when we get together face-to-face.

One woman, at the very threshold of healing, rocked us with her humor and her strength. Mike Lew, author of two excellent books for men on healing from sexual abuse, deepened the conversation with insights from his many years in the field. (If you don’t know his books, check them out in the self-help section of my recommended books page or on his website. Titles: Victims No Longer, Leaping upon the Mountains.)

All in all a good event and a wonderful way to end the Boston Tour. Afterwards I had the pleasure of dinner with Annemarie Munn and today I’m staying with my dear friends in Framingham. Home soon.

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