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As many of you know, I was a judge on the Cybils Awards this year. I also had the great good fortune to be asked to interview our nonfiction winner, Russell Freedman. His book, Freedom Walkers, is an awesome testimony to the power that ordinary people can have when they work together to overcome injustice.

I highly recommend it.

The interview ,”Telling the Story of History,” just went up this morning.

He is an delightfully modest and principled person, as well as one of the most important writers in nonfiction for young people today. My favorite part of our conversation is when he describes his passion for the forgotten people of Montgomery who organized and carried out the protest. That and his reaction to his fifth grade teacher, Tennessee Kent.


If you’re a visitor here from the Cybils site and your interest is primarily in books for young readers, scroll down for reviews or check out this blog’s books category. There’s also a page of recommended books for adults and teens and a recent SLJ article on stereotyping of survivors in young adult books.

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