that kind of day

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Today was an in between kind of day. I'm back from travel for the book. Haven't solidified upcoming appearances for summer or fall yet. There's a stack of short writing assignments on my desk. The sky was half fog (to the east), half sunshine (to the west). I jumped on my bike in the late morning and rode out through farm land towards the coast, just taking it easy and feeling the sun on my arms and face. I passed the calf I saw being born a few days ago; he's on his feet--as he was twenty minutes after birth--but looking fully at home in this world now...

see you on the radio

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There's a cool thing coming up. On Tuesday, May 2nd, at 9 a.m. PST, Jessie Dylan will interview me about Strong at the Heart on his show, The Good Life. You can hear it on Sirius Satellite Radio 114 or listen on the Internet. For a week following, it will be archived online. Here's a little taste of what I saw in Boston last week. Pretty amazing, isn't it. . .

free radio and jenner’s song

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Free Radio Santa Cruz is a pirate station--no license, not call letters, but a loyal following locally and on line. To get to the studio, Evelyn Hall drove through residential streets, parked, and lead me around the back of an unmarked bungalow. The ground was soggy from the heavy rain and hail we'd had an hour earlier and I was glad I had clogs on. We clattered down concrete steps, then ducked into a standard issue basement, complete with old mattresses propped against the wall and piles of soggy looking cardboard boxes. The studio was deep in the basement, behind a well defended plywood door with three large bolts on the inside. Evelyn told me they'd been raided . . .

radio waves

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I'm just coming off the marvelous rush of speaking on the radio about STRONG AT THE HEART. Live radio interviews are the polar opposite of a writer's usual experience. Radio is more like white water canoeing or maybe surfing. On radio there is no opportunity to ponder, edit, rethink and polish. You are totally in the moment, focused on the interviewer and the questions that come at you--some of them totally unexpected...

book launch

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Welcome. I'm so glad you made it to my website. I hope you find what you are looking for. If not, let me know. I am delighted and amazed to have reached this point myself! For six years I searched out people for the book, traveled to interview and photograph them, wrangled transcripts, wrote, revised, [...]