Spotlight on Heroes

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If you haven't seen the movie Spotlight yet, run don't walk to the nearest movie house showing it--while they still are. It's about real journalists doing the real work of uncovering institutional sexual abuse within the Catholic church. And the stories of real survivors who got together and came forward in the early days when [...]

calling it like it is

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There's been a lot of news coverage, especially from Britain, of arrests made in connection with international sale of images of child sexual abuse. The good news is that a lot of pedophiles--many in positions of trust and of power over children--are being busted. The sad news is that the 600 recent arrests are just [...]

Dylan and Woody

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When child sexual abuse cases hit the press it can have a big effect on me as a survivor.  How great is it that the United Nations has come out in defense of children, scolding the Vatican for hiding and shuffling around abusive priests. But then there is the Woody Allen vs. Dylan Farrow business. [...]

male survivor film

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Here's something you might want to check out. A young filmmaker is producing a feature film that examines male experience of sexual abuse within the orthodox Jewish community. I haven't seen the film but have visited the website for Narrow Bridge From his description and the website itself, the film appears to be about [...]

interviews up

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Thank you, patient readers! I just posted pages on Jonathan (the teen from SNAP) and Jenner. You can get to them through the "interviews" page on this website. Jenner sent me a picture of herself surfing with her sweetie. I've also included her email response to reading Strong at the Heart with her story in it for the first time. Jonathan's page tells how he helped the district attorney prosecute his offender. The Kids Center in Bend, Oregon, has asked me to come

SNAP story

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Last weekend, this site was linked to the homepage for SNAP (Survivor's Network of those Abuse by Priests) and included in their on-line bookstore. Thank you, Phil! There's been a lot of traffic from the SNAP site. So I want to let you know that SNAP plays an important role in the second chapter of Strong at the Heart which is an interview with Jonathan, the teen with the double earrings in the slide show above. Since I haven't yet (sorry!) posted parts of his story on the interview page, I'll give you a taste of his chapter here. When I met Jonathan, he was seventeen years old . . .