book launch!

Tomorrow is the official launch of the new, updated, paperback edition of Strong at the Heart.

The party will be at one of my favorite places–the bookstore four blocks from my house. If you are local, do come!  Northtown Books, 957 H Street, Arcata, CA. The party starts at 7 pm.

This morning I was online, IMing with a guy I know who DJs at KHUM, Radio Without The Rules. He said, “Hey do you want to do a quick radio interview?” and suddenly I was on the air.

You can hear that short, sweet interview here.

Cliff is one of the all time good guys. Every November he gives three weeks of radio time to the Stop the Violence campaign, a project he and his wife Amy originated. He interviews all kinds of people about sexual and physical violence and healing from it. It’s a great service to our community. And I wish more communities did it.

BTW, the launch photo is of me and Sarah, one of the Northtown Book women and one of the three Night Pie bakers who put on a great event where you come to the bookstore and eat yourself silly on incredible pies.

This just in: Big, above-the-fold article on the launch in our local paper with good info on CSA and resources here.

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